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Assignments and Assignments II in Sakai 11

Author August 24, 2016
Chances are, if you are an avid Sakai user, then you have found the Assignments Tool to be extremely useful for grading, creating, distributing and collecting assignments online.   Changes in Assignments The newest feature within the Assignments Tool is the ability to create, save, and reuse a grading rubric.  The rubrics can be configured to calculate […]

Lessons Tool Enhancements in Sakai 11

Author August 18, 2016
The upgraded Lessons Tool will look different but will still possess most of the functionality you’re used to, with a host of additional features. Some of the newly updated features will include: A more simplified and consolidated menu bar with categorized menu items, and multiple ways to quickly access add, edit or remove another item […]

Sakai 11

On August 22nd 2016, we will be transitioning to the newest version of Sakai, Sakai 11.  Our office has been working diligently to ensure that this will be a smooth process for users.  Below you will find a sample of the improvements and a brief video tour of Sakai 11. Design and Settings Thanks to a […]

Gradebook and Gradebook II in Sakai 11

Author August 8, 2016
In Sakai 11 the Gradebook Tool has been upgraded and will look noticeably different. However, the Gradebook will have all of the functionality you were accustomed to with additional features.  This will include aspects found in Gradebook 2, such as a spreadsheet style display and grading by letter.  Our goal is to incorporate all of […]

Replacing the Discussion & Private Messages Tool in Sakai 11

Author August 5, 2016
The Discussion & Private Messages (DPM) tool will no longer be available in the newest version of Sakai. However, there are new tools in place that will allow you to replicate DPM’s functionality.MessagesNew to Sakai is the Messages tool. With the Messages tool, you will be able to send and receive private messages from participants […]

Get started with Camtasia! Training sessions, Dec. 11th.

Author December 5, 2014
Everyone from Art History professors to Social Psychology instructors is using Camtasia! Get started using Camtasia, a popular screen recording software, at the OIRT Teaching and Learning Showcase on December 11th (sessions at 12:45pm and 3:30pm). Camtasia makes it simple for instructors to record presentations and lessons. Screen recording and video editing are integral tools […]

New Comment Feature in VoiceThread

Author October 26, 2016
If you have used VoiceThread before then you know that you can invite people to comment on your VoiceThread when they watch it. Beginning on October 28, 2016, not only will you be able to comment via text or audio but you will also be able to insert your own slides. These slides can contain […]

VoiceThread vs Kaltura

Author March 9, 2017
VoiceThread and Kaltura are two media creation tools that are offered here at Rutgers. Before the introduction of Kaltura last summer, VoiceThread was really the only option for faculty who wanted to include some sort of multimedia in their courses. Now, Kaltura allows for easier media creation and management; yet, there are still use cases […]

5 Ways to Use Quizlet in Your Classroom

Author October 13, 2016
Practice makes perfect, right? When it comes to learning new languages online, this couldn’t be more true. The more opportunities students have to practice vocabulary, reading comprehension, listening skills, and more, the faster they make progress in their foreign language courses. Quizlet is a tool that gives students those opportunities, while encouraging them to become […]

Course Development Resources

Getting Started If you would like to get started building your course on your own, consider using our Sakai Online Course Template, Syllabus Template or Rubric Templates.  If you have questions about these resources or have suggestions for additional resources you would like to see, you can schedule a 1 to 1 appointment with us. Sakai Online […]