Teaching & Learning with Technology

The OIRT Teaching & Learning with Technology (TLT) team works with Rutgers faculty and staff to support the use of educational technology in face-to-face, blended, and online courses.

If you are looking for help with educational technology, you are in the right place. This website is intended to offer some starting points and guidelines for the course development and training services offered by OIRT.

Our mission is to collaborate effectively with faculty and staff to design courses and materials with standards that ensure quality learning outcomes, to produce sound methods of measuring those outcomes, and to introduce active learning techniques into the course through evidence-based methodologies and effective technologies.

For more information or to consult with a member of the TLT Team, contact Charlie Collick at ccollick@rutgers.edu or 848-445-8441. You may also contact the Sakai Help Desk at 848-445-8271 and ask to speak with an Instructional Designer.

Learning Opportunities

We are here to help! Whether you would like to attend one of our in-person or online workshops, schedule a Course Design consultation with an instructional designer, schedule an Educational Technology consultation with an instructional designer, view our instructional videos, or find additional instructional support resources available to you, you can find it all on our Learning Opportunities page.

Course Development

We work with Rutgers faculty to support the use of educational technology and sound pedagogical principles to design face-to-face, blended, and online courses. Our Course Development page provides an overview of our course development process, resources available to you, as well as information about related services such as course reviews, accessibility, and emergency course continuity.

Educational Technology

In addition to providing pedagogical support to faculty, Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) is responsible for identifying technology that can be used to facilitate and enrich instruction. Our goal is not to stress the use of technology, but rather to stress the use of technology appropriately and to align them with learning objectives.

The Educational Technology page describes the various external tools we have integrated with Sakai.

Educational Media

OIRT offers training, support, consultation, and production services in a variety of media technologies and applications. Media can serve many roles in instructional and higher education contexts, expanding the types of learning opportunities available to students. Media resources complement traditional approaches of instruction and help promote deeper learning.

We can help with evaluating specific goals and ideas, as well as planning and implementation of media that effectively enhance instruction and increase student engagement. Our Educational Media page describes our media services such as educational video, animation, data management, as well as training and consultation opportunities .

Our Staff

Get to know us! The Staff page contains information about all of the TLT staff.