Course Development Overview

Support for course design runs the gamut from minor edits to full-fledged course development. While planning your course you will face a wide range of tasks, levels of complexity, and different technologies. In order to properly assess your needs, we begin with a Course Intake Worksheet which provides some basic information about your course. Then a Kickoff Meeting is scheduled, where we perform a needs assessment and determine how to proceed.

If you would like to get started developing your course with us, please complete our Course Intake Worksheet so that we can get a better idea of your needs. Once we learn more about your needs, we will contact you to set up a meeting. Please submit the completed pdf to

We work with you to determine the right level of service according to your needs. The initial kickoff meeting may be enough to resolve all your pedagogical or technological questions. If not, we can work together to develop your entire course from scratch, depending on your time, availability, and interests. Should you fall somewhere in the middle, we will identify specific areas to improve, prioritize and assign tasks based on time prior to course launch, and plan milestones and future meetings. In future iterations of the course, any remaining concerns can be addressed.

Please see the infographic below for a summary of the above information.

Course Development Overview


Faculty Referral
Dept. Chair

Each of these options continue to the next step

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Kickoff Meeting and Needs Assessment

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Need More Assistance?

If yes

If yes
Time + Interest + Availability? (Continue)

 we then continue to

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Full Course Design & Development

Online learners benefit from a course site that is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Because a well-designed online course takes time to plan and build, we ask that faculty set aside at least one full semester, prior to teaching, to develop a course. At TLT, we believe that the best results for online course design are achieved through a partnership between faculty and instructional designers. At the start of the process, the faculty member will be partnered with an instructional designer (ID). The role of the ID is to plan ongoing meetings, establish and maintain deadlines, provide support and training for educational technology, and ensure that necessary quality standards are met.

During the Course Development process, the ID and faculty member will:

  1. Evaluate existing learning goals and outcomes for the course or create them with the help of the faculty member’s department
  2. Create assessments and activities that align with those learning goals
  3. Develop instructional materials (video lectures, readings, etc.)
  4. Build the course within the Learning Management System
  5. Complete a Quality Assurance Checklist to verify the course incorporates best practices
  6. Communicate about any ongoing technical support needs after the course has launched
  7. Schedule a follow-up meeting at the end of the live semester to debrief and plan for the next round of the course

For more information or to consult with a member of the TLT Team, contact Charlie Collick at or 848.445.8441. You may also contact the Sakai Help Desk at 848.445.8271 and ask to speak with an Instructional Designer.