Quality Online Course Review

The Quality Online Course Review, or QOCR, is for faculty, program directors, or department chairs interested in revising their existing blended or online course offerings. Best practices suggest that online courses undergo revision every three years. Based on the time available prior to course launch, we can perform either a quick review of your course based on our Course Readiness Checklist, or commission a review team to complete a full review of your course. Timelines for both services are summarized in the infographic below.

Quality Online Course Review
Complete Course Worksheet
Next step
More than 4 weeks prior to course launch?
Course has been taught at least twice?

If no

If no
Quick Review (End)


If yes

If yes
Internal Course Review + Recommendations (Continue)

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At least 1 semester prior to course launch?

If no

If no
Implement course ammendments after course launch

If yes

If yes
Implement course ammendments before course launch

Quick Review

We highly suggest anyone looking to improve their course complete a Quality Online Course Review. However, if your course is scheduled to launch soon, or it’s a relatively new course, we would suggest instead a quick review of your course. Using our Course Readiness Checklist, we check various components of the course and provide basic recommendations for improvement.

For more information about the Quick Review or to request a review of your course, contact Charlie Collick at ccollick@rutgers.edu or 848.445.8441. You may also contact the Sakai Help Desk at 848-445-8271 and ask to speak with an Instructional Designer.

Quality Online Course Review

During a Quality Online Course Review (QOCR), our review team will review your existing course using quality online course standards, provide helpful recommendations about how to improve your course, and partner with you to provide technical expertise as you complete the course amendments. There are two stages to this process: the review and the amendment phase. Depending on time constraints, we may complete the review stage prior to course launch, and then continue implementing the amendments even after the course has launched.

At the end of this process, your course will meet internal Rutgers TLT standards for online and blended courses. To learn more about our course design standards, see our Best Practices and Standards. For more information about the Quality Online Course Review or to request a review of your course, contact Charlie Collick at ccollick@rutgers.edu or 848.445.8441. You may also contact the Sakai Help Desk at 848.445.8271 and ask to speak with an Instructional Designer.

QOCR Phases

  • Needs Assessment
  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Active Review Phase (4 weeks)
  • Post-Review Meeting
  • Final Report
  • Follow-up Instructor Meeting
  • Course Amendment Phase (6-10 weeks)
  • Final Quality Assurance Check (completed by Review Chair)
  • Review closed (not more than 24 weeks total)

QOCR Team Roles

The QOCR team is a combination of academic subject matter experts and instructional designers and includes the following roles:

  • Review Chair (Instructional Designer with QM Master Reviewer or Peer Reviewer Certification)
  • Reviewer (Instructional Designer or Faculty Member with QM certification)
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) / Reviewer – optional role
  • Instructor (aka Course Representative)

Official Quality Matters (QM) Review

Once your course has completed an internal course review and all of the amendments completed, you may wish to submit your course for official Quality Matters recognition via their course review process. Visit the Quality Matters website for more information.