Educational Media

OIRT offers training, support, consultation and production services in a variety of media technologies and formats. Media can serve many roles in the instructional process. We can help by evaluating specific purposes, planning and creating media content that will effectively enhance instruction and increase student engagement.

Multimedia serves a vital role in education today as technology expands possibilities for unique learning environments. Media resources also complement traditional approaches to instruction and help promote deeper learning. We offer media services for educational video, animation, and data management as well as providing training opportunities in the basics of do-it-yourself video production and editing concepts.


The impact of video in educational outcomes can be easily observed, promoting a learner’s interactivity, engagement and retention. With the increasing availability of technology, videos have become a powerful communication tool throughout classrooms, online coursework and remote learning methods.

OIRT can help implement video into effective instruction strategies. Working closely with our own Video Production team we can help produce original, creative course content for face-to-face, hybrid or online courses and even training/non-credit classes. We can also help introduce and familiarize faculty with video technology, industry trends and specific applications that can help to enhance learning.

Animation / Simulation

The advent of powerful computing and graphic-orientated computers has allowed for animations to be produced faster and more cost effectively. Animation allows educators to depict dynamic content and ideas through a vivid and engaging medium. Animations can also depict complex subject matter like temporal changes or transformations, facilitating easier methods for learning.

OIRT can help design custom animations for instruction. Faculty are no longer restricted to depending on static images to foster learning. With animations we can fulfill a variety of otherwise difficult learning objectives like visualizing the unseen, uncovering mechanisms or telling a story. Let us help you discover the potential of animation in your course design!

Data Management

We live in a technology driven world in the age of digital information where data is recognized as a vital asset for any organization. Data management is a paramount discipline, adding context to data, interpreting the countless megabytes of text, numbers, graphics, images, sound, and video. Proper data management encompasses multiple services, data architecture, security, content and meta-data management, storage and more.

OIRT helps to guide and support your project needs including formalized strategies for data management. Media can consume a large amount of data and in order to maintain accurate, valid, and reliable information access, data must be managed and monitored. Data is a huge factor for creating and gathering media for instruction or coursework. Let us assist in the process of data management.

Training & Consultation

As media and technology increasingly integrated into teaching and learning, more instructors are striving to create their own media content for their courses and academic programs. OIRT can provide basic training— for individual or group settings— in do-it-yourself (DIY) video production, covering topics like operating a video camera, frame composition, and audio and lighting tips. In addition, training is available for introductory editing concepts and Adobe Premiere. Suggestions for additional training offerings are always welcome.

OIRT is also happy to consult on ongoing DIY video projects or projects in the planning stages, providing assistance with or advice on equipment purchases, the use of existing equipment, resources available at Rutgers and much more.

Training and consultations are FREE services.