Sakai 11

On August 22nd 2016, we will be transitioning to the newest version of Sakai, Sakai 11.  Our office has been working diligently to ensure that this will be a smooth process for users.  Below you will find a sample of the improvements and a brief video tour of Sakai 11.

Design and Settings

Thanks to a responsive design, Sakai looks and works great on every device, from your desktop to your phone.

Users have always been able to add sites in Sakai to their “Favorites” bar to make them easily accessible. Now, this process is even easier. Simply star a site to mark a favorite site, at which point it will display at the top of your screen.

A new Date Shifter tool allows users to shift dates for all items within a duplicated site to match the new term.  Additionally, the dates can be adjusted individually from a single view rather than from each tool.


Grading is a fundamental part of the teaching experience. In Sakai 11, the upgraded Gradebook provides simple, spreadsheet-style grade entry, so you’ll be able to grade more easily and efficiently. There is a simplified and consolidated Import/Export process, enhanced statistics for graded items, and flexible grading options including grade by letter.

Note: If you have the original Gradebook or Gradebook 2 in an existing site and you duplicate it for the new term, those tools will continue to exist in your site until June 2017.  The original Gradebook tool will be labeled “Gradebook Classic” in your new site. Please note that after June 2017, Gradebook Classic and Gradebook 2 will not be available.


The Lessons tool, which allows you to construct modules of content for students, is even more powerful in Sakai 11. With an improved user interface and multi-column support, instructors have more flexibility than ever before. User can now break content items into multiple sections and columns and apply style settings for column content areas. Entire forums can be linked within a lesson instead of just a single topic.

Tests & Quizzes

Within Tests & Quizzes, the new Image Map question type allows instructors to set various points on an image as the question. There is improved reporting capabilities, including the ability to see all assessment submissions for a student and a new side panel that allows students to track question progress in an assessment.


Rubrics have been available in the Sakai Assignments tool in the past, but it has now been incorporated into Tests & Quizzes. Grading rubrics can applied to short answer/essay question types.  In addition, users have the ability to save and re-use rubrics. Rubrics may be created that automatically tally points based on the selected columns and generates a score.

Tools Scheduled to be REMOVED

Discussions and Private Messages (DPM) can no longer be added sites.  For information about how to replace the functionality of DPM, please visit the OIRT blog. *A previous version of this site contained incorrect information regarding the deprecation date of this tool*

Assignments 2 can no longer be added to NEW sites. It will continue to exist in duplicated sites until June 2017; however, it will NOT include Rubrics or Turnitin.

Gradebook 2 will remain as an active tool until June 2017. 


We hope that you will be just as excited about these new features as we are and as always we are here to help with the transition.  If you need assistance with Sakai 11 you may contact our helpdesk at 848-445-8721, via email at, or schedule a 1 to 1 appointment with one of our instructional designers at