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Using Kaltura in Lessons and Assignments

Date Posted Jan 24, 2017

You may have heard about Kaltura (especially since we can’t stop talking about it!). Kaltura is a media creation and management tool that was introduced to RU last summer. It’s really taken off – it’s used heavily by faculty and staff to create multimedia. We’re thrilled that people have embraced the technology and we’re here to offer suggestions on how to make the most of the tool.

Kaltura logo

Over the past 8 months we’ve seen some very creative uses of Kaltura. Here are some suggestions that might inspire you:

  • Create a short 5 minute video of yourself or a narrate a slideshow introducing the content that will be covered that week/chapter/unit in class.  You don’t have to be teaching a hybrid/online course to do this either!  Even if you teach a face-to-face course, you can give some context to the material that you will be covering this week in a short video.  
  • If you prefer your student’s to experience your course content in the classroom first, then think about recording a 5-10 minute weekly wrap-up video with highlights from the class discussion, assignments, forum topics, etc.  You don’t have to get fancy with editing, some basic tips on how to create great video will help you create engaging videos that won’t need editing.
  • Could the instructions to your assignment use some personalized touches?  You can create a video to frame your assignment, give context to the work, or emphasize portions of the instructions that you think are key.  After creating the video, you can upload it into the Assignment tool so students can watch you assign the work as if they were in class.
  • Does your assignment involve students physically doing something?  You can record yourself displaying an example of the work that is expected and upload it into the Assignment tool so that your students know what they should be aiming for.
  • Do you teach a language acquisition course?  You can quickly create audio files to post into either your Lessons or Assignments for your students to practice oral comprehension.  You can also ask them to create their own audio files to turn in as an assignment.

Interested in learning more about how to incorporate Kaltura into Lessons and Assignments?  Please join me on Thursday, February 2, 2017 for a 45 minute webinar to see what you can achieve.  You’ll be able to ask your questions and hopefully get some answers!  If you can’t make the webinar but you’d still like more information feel free to schedule a 1-on-1 appointment to discuss how to make the best use of Kaltura in your course or project.

Jeniffer is one of the Senior Instructional Designers here at OIRT. Her background includes Instructional Design & Technology, K-12 education, and Field Biology. Her other areas of interest include: Accessibility and Adaptive Learning Systems.

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