Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you cover events on all Rutgers campuses?
    OIRT Video Productions primarily operates on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus. However, we will support events at Rutgers-Camden and Rutgers-Newark if we can accommodate them in our schedule and advance notice is given. OIRT Video does include travel costs in its prices, so increased travel costs for travel to the Camden or Newark campuses will be included.
  • What if my Rutgers event is being held at an off-campus location?

    OIRT Video Productions does not typically support events off-campus or on locations not affiliated with Rutgers. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

    OIRT Video does not conduct live streams at off campus locations. Significant advanced notice is recommended for all live streaming request.

  • What is the normal pricing of a full production?
    OIRT Video Productions does not provide a rate card. Rather, OIRT Video develops customized estimates tailored to the unique features of the work being requested. If budget is an issue we will work with clients to help them find resources or services within their price range.
  • How long will it take you to edit my video?
    OIRT Video Productions reserves 30-60 days to deliver a completed video, except in cases where a specific deadline is agreed upon in advance. Short events or videos may be completed faster, and more complex, larger projects or requests for changes or modifications may take longer.
  • Do you rent out cameras or other equipment?
    We do offer limited equipment rentals. Faculty members and staff can borrow a Canon Vixia HFR40 and a tripod, but must provide their own SD card. We also offer free trainings and scheduled use of our studio and green screen to members of the Rutgers community. OIRT Video does not rent or lend out any other equipment such as lighting, monitors, projectors, screens, or speaker systems.
  • What formats can be used to publish my video?
    OIRT Video Productions traditionally releases work as digital video files. Work may also be uploaded to the Rutgers YouTube channel if this is requested and appropriate. OIRT Video usually publishes H.264-encoded .mp4 video files, but alternative formats can be requested. OIRT VP also works closely with Sakai Support and can assist in loading video files directly into a Sakai site.
  • How long do I have to request additional media or changes to a completed project?
    Clients have six months to contract changes to a completed project, but please be aware that requested changes or modifications may require additional fees. Project files are only held longer upon special request.
  • Who owns the video?
    The Rutgers department, organization, or unit that commissioned the video have the rights to the video. We do reserve the right to use commissioned work for promotional purposes.
  • Who do I contact about video conferencing?

    OIRT Video does not provide support for video conferencing or telecommunication, but you may access this directory of locations at Rutgers where video conferencing is available.

    Tools like Adobe Connect are another option to facilitate video conferencing and may be better suited to those integrating video conferencing in a classroom setting.

  • Do the people who appear in the video need to sign a release form?
    Yes, all people who are seen and heard in a final project need to sign a release form. OIRT Video can provide you the standard release documents used at Rutgers University for you to circulate.
  • How do you handle participants/audience members who do not wish to be recorded?
    We recommend setting up a section of the production location that is a designated ‘no recording’ section. People located in this section will not be recorded.
  • Do you produce video for online courses?
    Yes. OIRT Video specializes in video for online courses and has deep ties with online coursework, instructional design, and production of educational materials. We leverage our unique position and resources at the Office of Instructional & Research Technology in our extensive portfolio of produced media for online courses.
  • Does OIRT caption videos it produces?
    Captioning is an important tool for increasing the accessibility and usability of a video. OIRT includes the cost of video captions in project estimates. However, clients are welcome to make their own arrangements for transcription and captioning of their videos.
  • Does OIRT conduct trainings on video software like Camtasia?
    OIRT Video conducts training on a plethora of multimedia tools and processes.
  • Does OIRT have a studio?
    OIRT Video has a small studio space, located within our offices on Busch campus. This room contains a green screen on one wall. This room can be scheduled by Rutgers faculty, staff, or students who need a space to record their own content. However, those using the room must be careful to be quiet and respectful, as the room located within a professional office.
  • Can OIRT create motion graphics or animations?
    Yes. OIRT Video can create custom motion graphics or designs for a variety of projects. Animation can be accomplished through simple static images or a series of complex imagery. Because of the dynamic approaches it’s important to understand the objective of the animation and the demands of the project together to find an effective visual solution. We ask clients that are potentially interested in using animation meet with our team for a consultation.