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Want help in your classroom? Apply for a Learning Assistant! (Feb 3)

Date Posted Jan 27, 2017

The Learning Centers offer Learning Assistants to work with faculty in order to create collaborative and active learning environments. Learning Assistants can be embedded into lectures, labs, recitations, or lead supplemental study groups.  This innovative new program engages undergraduates in classroom teaching and learning while also developing their teaching, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Learning assistant helps students in a classroom setting.

The RU LA program is a partnership between the Rutgers Learning Centers (RLC), the Math and Science Learning Center (MSLC), and several science and engineering departments. The program is modeled after a similar program developed at the University of Colorado.

Learning assistants support learning in the classroom in several ways, including facilitating discussions and workshops during lectures, team teaching recitation or laboratory sections with a graduate teaching assistant, or independently leading supplemental study groups. You can view a list of their partnering courses since the 2011-2012 academic year.

During their first semester, LAs are assigned to 80 minutes of contact time with students, co-enroll in a 3-credit, 300-level pedagogy course (Peer Instruction Education), attend weekly staff meetings led by the faculty teaching the course, and participate in professional development workshops offered by the RLCs. Each following semester that they participate, LAs are assigned to 160 minutes of contact time with students and continue to attend staff meetings and professional development programs.

Faculty applications now open for ’17 – ’18 Learning Assistants! Applications are online and are due February 3rd.

Jeniffer is one of the Senior Instructional Designers here at OIRT. Her background includes Instructional Design & Technology, K-12 education, and Field Biology. Her other areas of interest include: Accessibility and Adaptive Learning Systems.


I am hoping you are willing to extend the deadline application date. Just learned I will be teaching Chemical Principles labs this summer. One session is 5 hours Mondays and Wednesdays and the other is Tuesdays and Thursdays. Each session is very intensive. 2 labs are done each day. Help would be very appreciated. I am a PTL in the chem department.
Thank you

Hi Jennifer. I didn’t realize that I entered the wrong address when I submitted an application for a Learning assistant. I teach at Rutgers, Camden campus. The Chemistry department is located at 315 Penn Street. I hope this program is open to the Camden Campus.
Thank You.
Mary Rosemiller

Hi Mary,

I’m not sure if the Learning Assistants are available via the same program down in Camden. I’ve emailed you with the contact information for the person who runs the program here in New Brunswick so that you can get answers. I wish you the best!

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