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What can a Lessons Page Look Like?

Date Posted Mar 2, 2017

You asked and we delivered!  After last month’s webinar on “The Power of Lessons” I was asked if we could put together a few examples of how the tool could be used to display and organize content.

Use our examples as inspiration to make AMAZING Lessons pages for your courses!

We included some formats that could be used for a Face-to-Face course as well as formats for Hybrid or Online courses. Please don’t limit yourselves to our examples though!  Lessons is probably the most versatile of all the Sakai tools and really allows you to tailor how you want to display your material.

Should you run into some issues or if you would like some help in understanding how to best format your course sites please do not hesitate to make a 1-on-1 appointment with one of our Instructional Designers.  We’re here to help!

Jeniffer is one of the Senior Instructional Designers here at OIRT. Her background includes Instructional Design & Technology, K-12 education, and Field Biology. Her other areas of interest include: Accessibility and Adaptive Learning Systems.

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